Re: crank case with breather. Torque Specs.


Hello Joe,

The first question, an engine without the crankcase breather will most likely use more oil and leak, due to excessive crankcase pressure. Remember, Crosley engines are high RPM engines, with "marginal" sealing at the front of the crankshaft, on rope seal engines. IF your looking to rebuild your engine, this is NOT the crankcase that you want to waste time, money and energy on. It will come back and plague you constantly.

The second question, before you lay a wrench to your engine, buy the Service Manual and read it and look at "exploded" pictures. Then, get a highlighter and read it again. Then go thru it once more, carefully reading the detailed, engine assembly areas.

There is a few quirks about the Crosley engines that are CRITICAL and the torque specs don't cover them.

Not trying to be critical, but I've built and machined, a number of these engines over the last 25 years. Prior to that, I had built quite a few "normal" engines, but inĀ  a few ways, the Crosley is NOT "normal".


On 7/13/2018 11:53 PM, Joe Brownsberger wrote:
Hi, Everyone.

I have questions that I have not been able to find the answers to. I have a 47' Crosley engine that does not have a crankcase breather tube. Is that a necessity to have, what possible issues might i come across if any at all and how does this crankcase work without a breather tube. Also on my mind, does anyone have knowledge of any torque specs for the Crosley's? I just dont want to go tearing stuff apart and not put it back together properly and that info would be much appreciated. if it helps I'm restoring a 49' wagon and I'm currently working on the motor. but i want to be prepared for when i get into other stuff that might involve torque specifications.


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