Re: Wauseon Newb suggestions?

Jim Bollman

It can be addictive. We pulled in yesterday morning and the place was already humming. Most people I have seen on a Tuesday. 

Steve pretty much covered the high points.  If you can get here before 6pm you might be able to grab a ride in a Crosley on the road rally through town to the ice cream shop. Fireside chat at 8pm on Thursday is always fun too. 

Bring extra cash for those goodies you need for that restoration. 

Don’t be shy we are a friendly bunch and love to talk. Lots of experienced Crosley people willing to share their knowledge. 

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Show up, have fun, meet people, tell Crosley stories, have fun, wear good walking shoes, drink water (it could be hot), have fun, meet more people, look at a lot of cars, ask a lot of questions, meet the vendors, ask more questions, and call your wife every now and then to let her know you are still alive.  I’ll be arriving myself on Thursday afternoon and staying through Saturday.


-Steve M. 


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I'll be making my first trip to Nationals, arriving Thursday afternoon and staying through most of Saturday.
Long-time Crosley family; my Dad had several, and I now own his '51 Super Sports (currently mid-restoration), which I learned to drive in in the late 60s.
I will have some parts for sale, and otherwise looking to meet people, see some intact cars (it's been a while), and soak up some karma.

Any suggestions or tips, beyond showing up?


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