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Ah yes, the DMV shuffle. I have experienced it before. Five different individuals telling me five separate things, none of them accurate. Big government bureaucracy at it's finest. Nobody wants to help, they just want you to move along. 

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Sorry you had to go through all that Paul !  I look forward to seeing you and your '47 at Wauseon !  Please look me up, so we can at least shake hands !          Jeffrey Ackerman

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some may remember several weeks ago I posted about getting the model
year corrected on a '47 convertible I had purchased.   after nearly
three months I have the authorization in my grubby fist. I can go to the
local BMV and the '47 will become a properly titled '47 CC rather than a
'49 as the title claimed.  I was blatantly lied to, given incorrect
procedures, supplied with half answers to questions I didn't ask,
ignored on questions I did ask, and sent on wild goose chases. I was
told to have the car inspected by the State Patrol as an assembled hot
rod or a rebuilt totaled wreck, the OSP acted like I was crazy, the
Crosley didn't fit their criteria. I was told to have the VIN verified
like bringing in an out of state car to be titled in Ohio, it was
already on an Ohio title. I was instructed to put it back on the trailer
and return 250 miles to the county where I purchased it because they had
mis-keyed the year, but I could prove the title said 1949 at least 3
owners and 2 counties back, dating to before 1993. I learned that Ohio
had gone digital in 1993 and flushed all inactive titles out of the
system then, any vehicle in a barn or garage without current 1993
license and a lost title no longer existed. the state did not micro film
those titles, there was no record and no way to get a new title. cars
suddenly needed a title to be junked, without one a vehicle had to be
illegally cut up and destroyed to be scrapped. it is not legal to remove
a VIN plate, nor is it legal to scrap parts of a car that show any VIN
identification. I was accused of trying to steal the identity of
previous owners, most of them likely deceased. ever get the feeling that
everyone is saying "go away, bother some one else?"  I think that is
what the state was trying to tell me.
I was trying to be cheap and only pay for one title, do the transfer and
correction at the same time. this was my mistake. I was told that the
correction had been approved and the Memorial Day holiday probably was
holding up the mail, a full week after the holiday. no-one in the
Columbus (state capital) office could get their computer to tell who had
typed the letter or where it was mailed to, only that it was approved
and mailed. finally I put the title in my name, then I got lucky, a
clerk knew who typed and mailed the decisions of such requests. even
though I had supplied them with a copy of the back of the previous
title, assigning ownership to me, also my name and phone number for the
examiner to get answers to any question he might have, he did not
contact or talk to me. the examiner and supervisor of the area, a Mr.
Karim Aba, didn't return my calls nor answer emails because he was too
busy (on the clock??) preparing to vacation out of the country for a
month. talking to this clerk she claimed the letter could not be sent to
me because I was not the owner. lastly I convinced her to check her
computer, lo and behold I am the official owner, the new title says so.
now sweet as candy she can approach the temporary supervisor to approve
retyping the authorization and mailing it to me. "this might take a few
days." 17 calendar days later I can say I have experienced the system
and persevered, the letter came today. she ain't a beautiful car but my
proper 1947 CC convertible is coming to Wauseon.
Paul Rinehart

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