Re: Rear Ratio

L.E. Hardee

Back in my High School days, when I was crazy, I pegged my 52 wagon speedometer at 70 mph.  The car was bouncing like an airplane just before lift off.  And that was on 15 year old Goodyear super cushion cotton belted bias ply tires.  Now I get uncomfortable at 50 mph on modern tires.

BTW, I have a bunch on those restrictor plates if anyone needs one for their collection.

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It is rare to see,  but there was a restrictor plate for warranty reasons when new.  Only other ratio I have seen is 5.55 to 1 in a prewar and listing in for 4.70 to 1 I would like to have.
      bye    Robert

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Is there more than 1 gear ratio for 48 CD as I can only get 36 miles per hour top speed

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