Re: Generator Motor Conversion

Jim Bollman

As Butch already said you don't have to replace the tower shaft, just make the appropriate adjustments. You do need to change the magneto for a distributor unless you want a magneto that has no timing advance. The pan needs to be modified or replaced with a stock pan. The military pan can be modified to work if you want a cast aluminum pan that is squarish. The military pan has an additional chamber in the bottom that can be cut off and the edges ground down. You will also have to pull off the governor from the back of the block and make a plate to cover the hole.

I run a military engine in my FarmOroad with the space still installed. When I need to pull the engine for some other reason I will probably remove the spacer but it run good and will go 50+ mph down the road so I haven't bothered. My Dad did the conversion and either didn't know about the spacer or didn't want to get in that deep in converting it to car use.

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According to the experts, the Crosley generator motors are great for the cars but require 2 - modifications: 1. Replacement of the tower shaft; 2.  Removal of a decompression spacer between the block and the crankcase.  I'm really curious as to what this spacer looks like.  Does anyone have a picture?  And has anyone tried using a generator motor without removing the spacer (which I'm told was to allow the motor to run on lower quality gas)?

Bill in S. CA

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