Re: Rear axle nut tightness



I've got a spec here, somewhere. I'll do some searching for it.

"You tighten to snug and back off to the nearest hole.  Other wise it will run hot."

INCORRECT! This holds the drum/hub to the axle, nothing to do with an adjustment or running hot.

You "approach the slot", once it's tight, you absolutely do NOT want to back it off, without removing the drum and starting over.


On 6/7/2018 6:00 PM, David Reina via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Gang,

How tight should the rear axle nuts be tightened to. Its a castellated nut soda we go as tight as we can and try to line up a slot for the cotter pin, or do we tighten and then back off to the nearest cotter pin slot? I’m working on a 47 CC Sedan.

Dave Reina
Brooklyn, NY

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