Re: Generator Motor Conversion



You don't need to replace the towershaft. You can get by, by just re-timing the camshaft by one tooth.

The engine runs OK, with the spacer in place but will be down on power, quite a bit.

As far as what the spacer plate looks like, it looks almost exactly like the cylinder base gasket, except it's made out of steel, rather than paper.

Yes, the military CIBA engines, make excellent car engines.


On 6/7/2018 7:00 PM, wpaxt via Groups.Io wrote:
According to the experts, the Crosley generator motors are great for the cars but require 2 - modifications: 1. Replacement of the tower shaft; 2.  Removal of a decompression spacer between the block and the crankcase.  I'm really curious as to what this spacer looks like.  Does anyone have a picture?  And has anyone tried using a generator motor without removing the spacer (which I'm told was to allow the motor to run on lower quality gas)?

Bill in S. CA


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