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Jeremy Rutherford

So got any pics of the “1905”  duer, I’d love to see it,  where was this car made?

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Experienced a similar situation with a car title. My father inherited a horseless carriage from his uncles estate.  he had the local state rep help him obtain a title for the car.  At the time we didn't know the year of the car, only the name (Duer) and a couple of patent numbers.  My father wrote to the patent office in Washington D.C. with the info he had, this was1970.  They sent him a few patent drawings with a date of 1905 on the page.   He applied for the title and registered it as a 1905 Duer.  Fast forward 20 years, I rented  the car out to a movie set when a gentleman approached me with a book detailing every automobile every made.  In the book it described a 1907 Duer manufactured in1907 thru1910. To this day the title reads1905 Duer.  I don't have any plans on trying to change the date. 
Sorry for highjacking this thread. 
 Jerry B.

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