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Jeremy Rutherford

Haha, you’re probably right, before you know it they’ll want to impound it or something

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I started with an easy going, smaller town DMV office. corrections like this are not to be done without the order of a much higher power. I'm just nutso I know, but with a need to cover my behind. every step says go higher in the food chain but no-one wants to take the responsibility of altering an official document, even if it is proven not to comply with the state's standard. probably best is forget it and enjoy driving the Crosley convertible as is. Paul Rinehart

On 4/26/2018 10:59 AM, Jeremy Rutherford wrote:

I’m not sure if it would do you any good, but I always work with the dmv here that is in a small town of about 2000 people. The ladies that work there have been there a long time and are a little more willing to help me out. They’re not quite as busy and burnt out as the bigger locations. It might be worth the drive if you have a small town dmv not too far away and a box of donuts never hurts, haha
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some states use the date of sale rather than date of manufacture. Some states did not evem issue titles back then, your title should be fine,

bob hickman
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good morning gang. has anyone successfully found a way to correct the year designation on an automobile title, especially in Ohio? the 47 Crosley convertible I just bought carries a 47 VIN number on the firewall and has a matching title but the title claims the year to be a 49. I realize that it's no biggie but have grabbed the proverbial tiger's tail and embarked on a crusade to fix the information. in typical bureaucratic function, no one in the Ohio government wants to touch it. the system has no cut and dried path to follow, I have had several suggestions from within the BMV but each only amounts to "go bother someone else." probably the year designation has been on the title since new because in the day sometimes cars were titled by the year sold rather than the manufacture year, but everybody in the BMV seems to assume that it was a mistake in typing sometime and the general consensus is to go find where the mistake was made. I have followed the car back to 1993 when Ohio automated their system and purged all older titles from the system without micro filming them. the pre 1993 title was registered to a new owner in 2004 with the bad information, stone wall. just hang it up and enjoy the Crosley? all this because I wanted to run Year Of Manufacture license plates, but trying to pass off a CC with a CC VIN as being a CD won't fool any of you folks.... any bright ideas? thnx, Paul Rinehart

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