Re: correcting a title


In that case, it MIGHT be relatively easy. A few photos or original ads, showing the two series, would possibly be all it might take, to correct a "typo".


On 4/26/2018 8:45 AM, paul wrote:
 this is definitely a CC car and carries the proper 1947 (CC47-xxxxxx) VIN.  the 47 VIN appears on the title but the year designation on the title says 1949. anybody got aspirin? I think the state of Ohio hires off the street corner without interviews. then again maybe I cause my own headaches.  Paul

On 4/26/2018 8:23 AM, Butch via Groups.Io wrote:

That is a "State" issue and as such, will vary from State to State.

If the Title and VIN, designate it as a 49, then finding a 47 Title and VIN, will probably be the only way around it.

If it's a corresponding Title and tag, to the Sate you live in, just a Title transfer and registration, as normal would be required. If an out of State Title and Tag, then it would just be like purchasing a vehicle from out of State.

Fortunately, Crosley Tags were and are, attached with just two screws.


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