Re: electric fuel pump


you answered some of the questions in my head.  proper polarity and absolute insulation from the chassis ground would allow a normally negative grounded pump to work. running on 6V rather than 12 does make for half pressure but maybe I don't understand completely. don't these pumps have a threshold shutoff at high pressure? during a slow idle of the engine doesn't this pump build more pressure and not shut off before pushing the fuel pressure beyond the designed ability of the carburetor seals? maybe I'm just worrying about too many "if"s. your success says maybe so but sometimes I'm a chicken.   thanks,  Paul Rinehart

On 4/19/2018 9:55 PM, fred@... wrote:
I've been using the small AC 12V AP42 inline pump with great success.  The pressure at 6V is about 3 pounds - been using one on my 41 Buick also, going around the original pump, for about 20 years now

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