Re: Roto Caps don't turn



Someone has been into your engine before, at least once. No surprises found there.

Originally, Crosley used two long valve springs and no spacers or Roto Caps. Then they added Roto Caps under the exhaust springs, so they had a short spring on the exhaust and a long spring on the intake.

Later, they added a spacer on the intake and ran they same short spring, on both the exhaust and the intake.

Crosley never ran the Roto Caps on the intake valves.

So if you have some that appear to be stuck permanently, just run those on the intakes, but be SURE that the exhausts have good, functional Roto Caps on them.


On 4/1/2018 9:23 PM, Al Leach wrote:
Hello Jim,

I understand about approving new members.
Appreciate your input on the WD40. I'll flush them with PB Blaster and soak them in oil before assembly.​
I do have a manual with those very tight clearances listed.
Good to know how/where to get new parts and Roto Caps for $1.50 each that's a bargain.

I hope to do some measuring tomorrow and honing the cylinders and maybe start lapping the vales in. Interesting they prescribe clearances plus provide shims in addition.

Thank you again Jim,


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