Re: electric fuel pump


that was the big concern. one seller on ebay says his 5-8 PSI shutoff electric is good on a Crosley,  $40. I was afraid of exactly what you experienced.  the lower pressure 2.5-4 and 3.5-5 PSI are twice the price and more.  I have been convinced that the middle ground money is best spent with a NEW factory style Crosley pump with the upgrades that withstand ethanol and today's wonderful gasoline.  thanks for re-enforcing that decision as the way to go.   Paul

On 4/15/2018 8:38 AM, Ron Conway wrote:

I tried both pumps on my 49,  them went back to the mechanical pump I got from Service motors.  The electric fuel pumps would blow  the float valve seals.  Have not had a problem since I installed the mechanical pump. 



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