Re: Bear driven circus Crosley near Dayton


RE: "Some of us are clowns with out the car."   that's what I meant about Crosley folks, if someone is laughing at you, join them. beats the heck out of fighting or blowing up blood pressure.
I thought it was you who commented but didn't want to accuse wrongly. that is why I went out to measure, at first I thought maybe it was a FOR chassis but the bodywork makes the 12" wheels appear in
proportion as 15s do on a jeep. the bodywork is pretty well done, not a backyard hack job, the sides match. it wouldn't take much work to turn it into a passable 5/8 sized jeep, but then the charm goes away.   Paul

On 3/28/2018 3:45 PM, Jim Bollman wrote:
I was the one that said it looked like a homemade FOR. The FOR wheelbase is 63" and the pickup box version measures very close to 96" so the dimensions are close. I sometimes haul my FOR in the back of my pickup which also matches.

I didn't pay any attention to the seat placement in the pictures till I just looked back. Some kind of a seat extension will need to be fabricated or leg/arm augmentation if you're going to actually drive it. With the short wheelbase it should be a fun to drive but a little squirrelly.

You will fit right in at the Crosley Nationals, we usually have at least one clown car running around some times more. Some of us are clowns with out the car.


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