Re: Crosley near Dayton


problem is no paper or tag since it was probably used in a circus.  need to hunt around, any body style post war will work since it has been "customized."  bet I find someone with the stuff I will need and transferable.
never know, a real rag-muffin car might find it's way here, like I said,  Crosleys find ME, then I wind up going to get them. this was the closest ever to home. Gene Smith already warned me how hot a bear costume will be in the summer!!   it may be an earlier chassis, has the 9 inch drum brakes but found what looks to be a hydraulic clutch master cylinder being used for the brakes with a plastic remote reservoir.  no speedometer, lots of little  things to worry about if I try to make it streetable. it may just wind up as a parking lot cruiser.   Paul

On 3/27/2018 11:31 AM, Jeremy Rutherford wrote:
Haha, yes I thought of you as soon as I saw Dayton,  gave me a chuckle when I saw that you bought it.  Looks like it was a great buy,  I’m sure it would have been on my trailer had it been so close to me

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