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I have a complete COBRA motor that turns over and seems to have decent compression. Would you like it? It doesn’t have a flywheel or water pump or generator.

Gary McFarlane
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That block and crankcase is from what is called a tin block.  It was made by oven brazing sheetmetal around steel cylinder sleeves.

It was the original way the Crosley motor was produced.  It worked well when it was used for military items such as hydraulic pumps and generators but Crosley had trouble with the blocks when used in cars.  One problem was that due to the brazing process used for assembly of the block parts there was electrolysis which could lead to pin hole leaks through the cylinder walls.  Another problems in auto use were the braze joints leaking.  This could have been from a less stringent assembly technique then when they were produced for military use or the greater vibration of road use.

Eventually Crosley had to use cast iron blocks because of problems with the tin blocks.

I would be interested if its still available.

Dave Reina

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Hello Crosley enthusiasts!

I joined this group to ask if there would be any interest in an engine block I found in the attic of my garage when I moved into my house. It's missing many parts, crank and cam, but the block is there, and I though somebody would have some use of it. Is there anybody interested, or know of somebody I can contact who may be? It's located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 


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