FS: Original Style Crosley Trime Rings

Jim Bollman

As the Winter Quarterly starts showing up in members mailboxes, trim rings are a thing again. I used the conversation from back in November on the Gang as one of the topics in the Crosley Garage column I do. A member in PA called and said they had a original set of Crosley trim rings for sale. I passed the info on to Dennis first, since he was the one that started the conversation. They were not what he was looking for. For those that are not familiar with the original Crosley trim rings, they combine with the standard Crosley hubcaps to give the illusion of full caps. Dennis wanted the more traditional trim ring look where part of the wheel shows.

So for anyone looking for an original set.

Call - 610-521-1774 and ask for Stan - They have a set of 4.  He doesn't do computers and I don't know what the asking price is. If you buy them please post that they are gone so Stan doesn't get bothered after they are sold.


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