Re: Thank you for letting me join the club

Andy Drake

I think it's pretty neat and would restore it as a piece of Americana. Like Jim said, it would be a really fun runabout or parade car if it was cleaned up and made usable. I'll bet someone at some point had a vintage Briggs and Stratton, Tecumseh or Clinton motor in there...the one in there now looks much newer and was probably done to get it running -- which is no bad thing. It would be very cool if you could sort it out with a period drivetrain.  Someone clearly spent alot of time putting it all together, including some panel beating to make all the fenders and cut outs look right. Hazarding a guess, I'd say it'd probably be worth more put together than trying to piece out the parts because the Crosley parts in it are fairly common, but the whole car is one of a kind. Just my two cents.

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