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Robert Connearney

Don't know if this idea is of any use here. Met a fellow that raced a Crosley based special. He cut the outer drums off Crosley hubs, leaving the inner portion with wheel studs. Used Chevy Monza (Skyhawk, Starfire, Vega, etc.) brake drums, which bolted on, having the same bolt circle. I think same drum diameter, but possibly had to adapt Chevie backing plates. This allowed him to service the brakes without pulling the hubs. Could possibly do the same with Sprite/Midget drums.

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Date: 11/9/17 4:30 PM (GMT-05:00)
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Sounds like a good plan of action Steve. When I pulled the drums off my FarmOroad 17 years ago, I remember the fellow that I bought it from saying to be very careful pulling them and reinstalling them, because finding another one may not be possible. I was fortunate enough not to break anything. Keep us posted on your progress.

On Nov 9, 2017 3:33 PM, "Steve" <sharc@...> wrote:
I was able to machine the cd hub out and use the center out of a FOR drum after machining it and the fitting and pressing the two back together. I have a machinist making a couple more hubs to fit the axle then taking a ford drum and cutting the centers out to press fit the hub into for spares.

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The regular FOR rear drum and dual wheel drum are the same. Is your drum missing, cracked, ? If the hub is cracked, a common problem when they are installed incorrectly, it can be fixed if you can't find a drum. Since that drum only fits the FOR they are hard to find.


On Nov 3, 2017, at 7:24 PM, sharc@... wrote:

i'm in search of a rear drum for a 1950 farm o road with dual wheels and the dana rear end.
Any help locating an iriginal or some aftermarket replacement would be of great help. 
Thank you, Steve

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