Re: How to properly "ground" CC gas tank?


Hello Paul,

Although, as others have said the straps will ground the tank and sender (as was original on Crosley), they aren't always reliable due to age, dirt and corrosion.

It is MUCH better to add a separate grounding wire, under one of the sender screws to a screw or bolt on the frame. Naturally, you will want to sand/grind the frame down to bright, shiny metal where you attach the wire and don't paint it until AFTER the connection has been made.

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On 9/13/2017 5:06 PM, Paul C wrote:
Hello all.

Have a 48 CC with a repaired and sealed gas tank ready to go back in.  It is one with the two external metal straps holding it in place.

I've put a new sender in the tank already.   I've painted both the tank and the straps also.  I'm still on the original 6V positive ground system as well if that matters.

I've got the one wire for the post on the sender all set to go.

How to I properly "ground" the tank shell to the body?  Should there be a wire?   Or did the straps originally ground the tank?

I could add a wire from the body to a screw on the sender also if need be... just unsure that is necessary.

I've seen some other older cars that have a rivet in the cardboard/asphalt insulating gasket that sometimes goes between the straps and the tank for grounding, but I don't have any originals to inspect for the Crosley.  Checked the manuals, but I don't see this detailed.

Thanks for you insights.



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