Re: before I trash it


the Chevette has been spoken for. thanks, Paul

On 8/16/2017 10:12 AM, paul wrote:

is there anyone, especially in the Dayton, Ohio area who has use for a small diesel engine? I have a Chevette with the 1.8 Isuzu diesel engine and a five speed standard transmission. the engine needs exercised, it is a little hard to start from just sitting, but once fired runs like a champ. sounds like a coffee can full of rocks. shy of 70K miles, probably accurate because there's another zero digit on the odometer. the body is trash and suspension rotted away from the mounts in the right rear. the car is complete, radiator etc. clean Ohio title in my name, free if somebody can use it. repower a Crosley, build a big generator or replace the engine snatched from a military generator, small irrigation pump, tractor project, welder, large air compressor? tell your friend with a Suzuki mud machine.. think away, it must fit somebody's need. I might buy an engine-less generator if someone has one close to me. thanks, Paul Rinehart

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