Re: MG Transmission adaptor


I have a rib case MG trans in Thundermug. It is a simple 1/2 " plate drilled to match the motor and the trans. I built a custom carrier/ pivot assy for the throwout bearing. I am planning on pulling the trans this fall and can measure and diagram the adapter and the throwout carrier if anyone's interested. The aluminum flywheel has Fiat 600 starter ring with a custom steel clutch friction insert.

Gary McFarlane
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On Aug 8, 2017, at 6:33 AM, Andy <dr.diesel@...> wrote:

This listing popped up on eBay yesterday:

Notice the trans used and the adaptor, I presume it's custom.  Anyone with the info necessary to replicate this, I just happen to have a 4-speed out of a 73 Midget.  (I'll attempt to attach picts)<s_l1600 _1_.jpg><s_l1600.jpg><s_l1600 _2_.jpg><s_l1600 _3_.jpg><s_l1600 _4_.jpg>

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