Re: FREE ! Crosley Deep Freezer

Milford Brown


"to the dump"???  Isn't there some dealer in used appliances that you could give it to, with the hope that eventually it would find a new home?  Might need some explanation about the life-expectancy of such an old item.


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Subject: Re: [Crosley-Gang] FREE ! Crosley Deep Freezer

My Dad, who was a Crosley dealer in Miami, won a Crosley deep freezer at an annual dealers' meeting in, I believe, Cincinnati.  This was, as I recall, around 1951.  Our family used that freezer until my parents moved into a condo in 1985.  The freezer was still going strong when they sold it, and I don't recall any service or repairs being required while our family owned it.

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I've had this for many years. Last time I pulled it out and plugged it in it still worked.
I've been rearaging my pole building -toooooo many projects and toooooo much stuff-
So this Deep Freezer is one of the things that has to go. We just don't use it anymore
 and as I we haven't used it is years.
If know one comes to rescue this by the end of the month it goes to the dump....ashame...
I'm located in Northern New Jersey,

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