Re: Crosley speed equipment ...... where to find


When Barry Seel built my big block 53 cu in engine he provided a mild cam. Think it was a Crane. Have had cams from Bearcat engines that had much larger profiles than stock Crosley. Barry felt getting Bearcat cams reground would be too costly.

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Not an expert in speed modifications, but there was a bigger cam available that would take a lobe regrind without welding.  Maybe it was from a later military, refrigeration, or boat motor??  Someone else may know the details

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For whatever reason , email addresses get cut off. If someone has the email for Braje, leave the "@" off of it and maybe it will go thru.Also what about camshafts ? I know that Ed Iskendarian had profiles back in the day and knowing Ed he likely still has them but anyone else ? How did it work back then ? You sent the grinder an old cam and they welded it up and then ground them ?


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