Re: Forged steel crankshaft vs cast


Croftons had the military engine with steel crank and strapped mains.  That was critical to reduce crankshaft flex.  I listened to one of those turn 12,000 rpm.  But as you said, Barry.  Sustaining that would mean a short life.


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I knew of some TQ Midgets that were turning 10 grand but I think they had a short life.


                           Barry Smedley


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A properly setup stock engine with a good crank can do 7500rpm. Valves start to float at about 7800. A properly setup engine for racing can do a lot more.




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I was thinking of something along the line of a cycle car with Crosley components. At this point, just thinking.


Building a "T" Ford speedster at the time; using a Crosley/Ross steering gear. In looking for the gear, I liked what I was seeing of the Crosley and thought it would make a neat cycle car. The engine is such a short stroke, I would like to see 6,000 at times; forged crank would be nice.




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Are you planning to build a race car?  If so, we could chat about a forged steel crank.




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