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Your transmission, is overfilled. There are no seals, in then Crosley/B-W T-92 transmission. There is a plug, on the side of the case, the gear oil needs to be NO higher than the bottom of that plug hole.

As far as oil, if you can find a lube, without sulfur in it (possibly the 600 oil), it would be better, as sulfur deteriorates brass/bronze and the transmission has brass/bronze bushings in it.

I PERSONALLY don't recommend using straight STP in it. The viscosity is WAY too high, using up precious horsepower, of which the Crosley is NOT, over-endowed with.

As a lot of folks on her know, I've rebuild a LOT of Crosley transmissions, just take it for what it's worth.


On 5/22/2017 4:20 PM, Paul C wrote:

Hello all.

I recently took the top of (1948) transmission that has sat idle for 50 years.  Goal was to drain fliuds, clean and inspect and put back together.  The good news was the gear oil was still intact, and all the internal gears look great!  I dumped old oil, and cleaned thoroughly with break cleaner to remove any particulates and dirt.   The top and bottom seem to have little wear and all teeth are there and in serviceable shape.

I put top back on with new gasket, and refilled with 85W140 gear oil...  Now, while sitting on cement floor, I have fresh gear oil weeping out both the front and rear spindles.

It didn't leak like this beforehand.

What did I miss?  A seal?  Is it just a bit overfilled?

If there isn't a seal of some type, doesn't gear oil always leak out even if the level drops below the shaft height?

And a separate question:  On the top, there is a 1/4 hole where I can look in and see the top "fork slider" shafts.  Should this be capped in some way?

Thanks fellas... New to all this.




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