Re: Signal indicator in dash


Why spend $25 on one? Service Motors' last price sheet (website), has them listed for $5.75. I don't know if they've gone up that much or not.


On 3/30/2017 3:59 PM, crosleyshortsport wrote:
You will spend $25 bucks on the tung-sol

On Mar 30, 2017 5:35 PM, "crosleyshortsport" <crosleyshortsport@...> wrote:
I have solved the mystery behind the turn signal indicator light not working. The new 535 flasher cans from napa and any other company using the number 535 use a transistor to transfer power to the in dash indicator light. The old style tung-sol  #P229D uses a thermal connection to power the indicator light. I purchased one online and PRESTO, it works just like it did 20 years ago when I restored my super sport. I believe the transistor can not work with our positive ground system. I have been goofing around since last summer thinking something was not grounded properly. Small problem, I realize, but I like everything to work.
    Jeffrey Ackerman


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