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Jim Bollman

The question comes up often about the different styles of Crosley hubcaps, so I decided to try the poll feature of and see how many of the different styles are around.

Generally there are 2 main types High Dome and Flat or low done, the consensus is that Crosley switched because the High Dome stuck out beyond the tire and hit the curbs making a circular rash mark on the cap. High Dome seems to be on most/all pre 1949 Crosleys but do show up in pictures of 49 and newer plus the painted FarmOroad caps were High Dome. We know Crosley did not want to waste anything so probably used left over stock for whatever in later production, maybe even as a dealer option.

Both High Dome and Flat came in two styles, with an arrow through Crosley and with a simple line.

If there are other styles of post war hubcaps besides the Crosmobile variant let me know.

I would like to know how many of each type you of you have and already see the problem with the poll, it only allows you to pick an answer not give a number. So give the number of each you have on cars and parts stash in your reply and select the one you have the most of in the poll. If you have roughly the same number in two or more styles you can vote for more than one. I will total them up in the future and report the results.



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