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Dennis Terdy


I have the manual, and it is missing the valve adjustment sequence. Here it is from the front of the engine to the firewall:


Exhaust-.005-.006 cold
Intake-.007-009 cold


On Sun, Feb 26, 2017 at 6:48 PM, Roy McLaurin via Groups.Io <oroyme@...> wrote:
Thanks, I will order the manual 
 from Service Motors.    And  Jim  1 valve  just  started  noisier  than the  rest.   
I have bought parts from them in the past. Thanks for the info.  

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You are implying they are noisier than they use to be so checking the valves is a good start. You can get a service manual and shims from Service Motors. It is straight forward to adjust but having the full instructions is good. There is end play clearances on the cam to also check. Once you are happy with all the clearances heavier oil does help as Nuts suggested but I would go with 20W50 Racing Valvoline instead of straight 50w. For non show cars an aluminum valve cover makes a big difference in the noise level. You are better leaving the vales a little loose to avoid burned valves.

I should ask to be sure, is your 48 running a cast iron block or sheet metal block CoBra? Not to many CoBra engines being used but they are very load, almost like a diesel because of the lack of cast iron to absorb the combustion noise.


On Feb 26, 2017, at 4:51 PM, Roy McLaurin via Groups.Io <oroyme@...> wrote:

My crosley  valves are getting noisy.  How do you adjust them?  

Dennis Terdy

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