Re: Carburator screen?

L.E. Hardee

If the screen was to keep debris and bugs out, they would have just put the screen on top of the carb.  I think is was a device (scam?) sold with the idea that it would help the gas vaporize better and get better mileage. 

On Sat, Feb 25, 2017 at 7:18 AM, Tim Hamblen via Groups.Io <flinttim@...> wrote:
Along this same vein, I had a 55 Chevy in high school. Drove it Friday night, all OK, drove it to work Saturday morning, OK, got off work at 5 Saturday and the car would not run past about 20mph. Tore into it. Mud Dobbers had closed off the secondary in the carb while I worked. My second thought on the screen is it was done to keep bugs and rodents out of the engine while it sat unused.Makes sense.

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