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my first 62 Dart was the /6 handshaker, banana yellow and the paint was dead. got it with 23K miles, port-a-walls, helper springs, thrush muffler, no trunk mat but the trunk had lots of loose straw in it. some farmer must have thought it was a pickup truck. in school, friends had a 53 Chevy convertible, a 55 Belaire convertible, and my future brother-in-law had a 58 Biscayne. the sedan was the warmest for some reason ( DUH!! ) but still didn't burn you out. I had a 50 Chrysler Windsor convert, would get comfortable but not t-shirt hot and it had electric wipers now that I think back. yeah, as you notice I am loyal to the CDPD Mopars, the 63-64 Furys were decent looking cars. my 58 DeSoto extended wheelbase ambulance was a blast, 361, button shift, 4.10 rear end, ratty paint, quick but thirsty. borrowed about 10 kids for the back and took it to Sunday open houses a few times, the neighbors weren't impressed. one friend and I had a plan to do Curbside Cremations for folks with nosy neighbors. it was built from a heavy duty taxi spec'd 4 dr sedan, the front seat area got plenty warm with the partition. luck to you and your son finding anything desirable, decent shape, and reasonable these days. paul in ohio

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I bet that MOPARs got real heat with the new Forward Look bodies in '55.

My '62 Dart was the ugliest car I've ever owned. The dark brown paint with a bit of metal flake didn't help. It looked like a cross between some kind of primeval bottom-dwelling catfish, a rocket ship, and a sparkling turd. But it was quick and comfortable with the 318 and push button TorqueFlite.

Anybody know about heat in Ford or GM cars? Or Studebakers?


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