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trying to find a decent one could be rough, but I know that by at least 55 Dodges (all MoPars) had pretty decent heaters and electric wipers. learned to drive in Dad's 55 Plymouth Belvedere 2 dr ht. V8, 3 on the tree, wish I had it today. as to the 62 Darts, not quite as ugly as the 62 Plymouth but a ton of fun, I tried to beat 3 of them to death and couldn't succeed. 2 handshakers and a pushbutton, 2 were 318s and 1 slant 6. can't say about Fords of the era , but through at least 58 Chevys still had vacuum wipers, probably all of GM's offerings. in line behind my next Crosley project is a 52 Imperial 2 dr ht, a tank with real bumpers, anybody need a running 331 hemi?
nobody has mentioned Lt Columbo's Borgward have they and the REO trucks, add the Divco milk trucks and the neat little Metro Mite delivery panel vans. I think an Eshelman would barely fit inside one, maybe....
bring on the warm weather, my 50 Hot Shot needs limbering up. Paul Rinehart in Ohio

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Since we're on the Way Back machine, let me ask another question for those with long memories...

My 48 Crosley and my 48 and 49 Plymouths all had the same heating system - a little hot water toaster bolted to the firewall barely able to warm the passenger' toes and thaw the bottom inch of the windshield. (I know because I used to drive my 48 Plymouth year-round through northern Indiana winters back in the late 80s).

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