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I took my answers off the list to save space before, but I knew these great folks would be receptive to giving good advice. nobody is going to BS you or lead you wrong. you are on the right track, save the weekend in July to come to northwestern Ohio, see, talk, and get ideas. there's your chance to sit in a Crosley or two, height and weight isn't a problem, a stock Crosley will wrap around you like Cinderella's glass slipper. the good Lord knew I'd have an appetite and thus a larger rear side, so instead of making me 6 ft tall, he bent a couple of extra inches around to my foot length for balance, size 12s. a stock Crosley isn't a problem, but bringing the pedals closer and moving them to the left by pushing in the firewall and widening the trans tunnel might make for cramped space. Paul Rinehart in Dayton, Ohio

On 2/22/2017 1:26 PM, Jeremy Rutherford wrote:

I was planning on repowering for power, reliability, ease of maintenance, and familiarity. Some of this was based on my assumption that engine and trans parts would be hard to come by and I figured I could get a donor chevy 4 and trans cheap. I am learning a lot already. I did not realize they had produced a later motor capable of those numbers. Are they fairly easy to come by? I am in no hurry to jump into the project, I have a 50 chevy I want to finish before I would even start anyway. I just wanted to reach out and collect as much info as I could. I did not realize there was such a strong community out there for crosleys, so I thought it would take me a lot longer to get info, but you guys have been great. I am starting to think I might hold back a little and plan on attending the nationals to see some ideas in person.

thans again for all the info

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