Engine change out

Andy Drake

Inquiring minds want to know: what's the easiest way to do this? I've read the manual about a hundred times and it's relatively straightforward...in print. When I attempted to drop a motor into my '47 sedan two summers ago, I ran into all kinds of logistical challenges, not the least of which was dealing with the transmission and the legs to my engine hoist not fitting underneath the car easily which made dropping it into place a chore.

Step 1 appears to be to strip the motor of generator/water pump/manifolds to reduce unsprung weight, including removal of the transmission. 

Step 2 is install the transmission in the car first (minus shift lever) so you can later lower the motor in place and "just" slide it back to mate up with the bellhousing.

Step 3 is to make sure engine compartment is clear (radiator is removed, etc.) so there's enough room to move the engine front to back.

Step 4 lower motor in place and slide back so transmission input shaft slots into flywheel/clutch. Here's where I think I went wrong -- what's the trick to align everything? Use the transmission input shaft to set the clutch disk and flywheel in place, then gently remove and install transmission? You still have to sort of jiggle the flywheel to get everything to slide into place, right?

Step 5 Bolt everything back together, install generator/water pump/manifolds.

It's just that simple, right? What am I missing?

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