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Steve <nutsbolts_9502@...>

So that means both the coils and the trailing arm are acting as suspension.

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The front end of the trailing arm/leaf spring is fixed/stationary on my VC.
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I think the coil springs are the suspension.
The 'trailing arms' are there to keep the axle from twisting and to keep the axle in Allignment.
Both ends of the trailing arms should be free to pivot.

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Time to get this board rolling. The boy and I have been studying the rear suspension of the Hot Shot. Well, mostly me studying and him observing and learning .Anyway, what we have figured out is , that someone put a standard CC or CD rear end and suspension in it. But we have the correct coils coming and shocks. The spring cups (upper) are still there. We can fairly easy fab the lower cups and shock mounts. From what I can see the original "trailing arms" or "radius arms" whatever you wish to call them for the HS are nothing more than the main leaf of a standard leaf spring setup.Take all the extra leafs out , weld on the lower cups and we should be back in business. Now here's where I get to thinking outside of the box so to speak. What if we were to keep one of those extra leafs on top of the main leaf ? Would it help the ride, help the handling, make it too stiff .... etc etc ?? Just thinking out loud and maybe that's bad. Thoughts ??

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