Re: Towing a Crosley

Fitzsimmonspeter <no_haggle@...>

---I had a Pinto towed from Chicago to Colorado and
just into Colo.,the trans output shaft welded itself
to the input shaft due to lack of oil circulation. the
trans, relies on the spinning cluster gear, which isnt
spinning while towing, to lubricate the input and
output shafts. fortunately, the driver felt the drag
of the turning engine and removed the drive shaft. You
can't do that on a Crosley. I like the dolly plan but
if you must flat tow, I would suggest that you make
sure the gear oil level is on the money and that you
run the engine in neutral about every 50 miles to
lubricate the upper parts in the gearbox. That's my
two cents. Peter

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