Re: Towing a Crosley

Jim Bollman <Jim@...>

I have never tow barred a Crosley more than 10-20 miles so I can't say anything about proper oiling of bearings and wear and tear. I do recommend locking the transmission in neutral. I built a little clamp on metal bracket that keeps the shifter from going down out of neutral, out of a piece of flat iron bent to act as legs against the floor. Then strapped it down so it couldn't go up.

I have a homemade tow bar that has a heavy angle iron cross piece that I bolt on in place of the bumper and pull on the bumper brackets. Not sure I would do it that way for long pulls, I would probably make something that connected directly to the frame.

Since I have a trailer I usually use that for longer trips. A Crosley trailer can be pretty small and minimal but to get the weight capacity with out all the size and other things you would probably have to build it yourself or have it built to order.


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