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Now that my 48 wagon is up and running I'm looking forward to
it out -- but with a family of five I find myself doing
the "caravan"
thing, and the Crosley has a tough time keeping up with my Toyota.
(Actually it is having a hard time keeping up with anything that
go faster than 25-30 mph -- but I'm pretty sure it is an idle tube
problem that I'll have resolved before Spring.)

I've been thinking that a tow bar might be a good investment -- but
I've never used one. (I don't really have the space for a
Does anyone out there have any experience towing their Crosley with
one? Are there any tricks to it -- or do you just hook up and go?

I found a 2-piece tow bar on a Metropolitan web site that would fit
easily in the car when it's not being used. It looks like it would
fit the bill for my car -- but I'm open to suggestions from someone
who has done this kind of thing.


Rich Campbell
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