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Rich I have a Motorola, (I think) that came out of an old willys jeep
wagon. It looks identical to a Crosley radio, but it doesn't say Crosley
on the nose. It is in rough shape but it looks like it is all there, but
the knobs. I gave $10.00 for it. If you think you could use it, you can
have it for that plus shipping. You can call me at 502-495-5340 day, or
812-967-3019 nite.

Barry Smedley.

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I'm looking for a gear that engages the tuning mechanism in a
Motorola/Crosley radio. (My radio works -- but I had to jerry-rig a
bushing to get the tuning knob to engage the tuning mechanism in the
radio -- and I'm pretty sure, given the bumpy ride that it won't

Does anyone have a broken Motorola radio that could be used as a gear-
transplant donor?


Rich Campbell
(I'm so happy -- my car is the car of the month this month.)

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