Re: Home Again (Transmission Problems)

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Ron, from your description it sounds like another case of bad or worn shifting forks and shifter ball (end of shifter stick). This can get you in a mode where you can only get neutral or 2 gears at onced or 1 gear or multiple gears. The popets are probably missing or in the bottom of your trany at this point because once the shifter goes to far they pop out into the area that the shifting rods move in. Sometimes they push the pressed in plugs on the trany top out and you loose both on the ground.

I would take the top off the transmission and see what you find. With the top off you can move the gears around and see if anything else is wrong.

Best fix if the top needs rebuilding is to buy one of the new tops Dave Edwards sells. You can rebuild the top but you will have as much in the rebuild as you can buy one of his new ones.


"rwright24127" <R.Wright@m...> wrote:

Now down to basics I have a tranny problem that is or isn't answered
in the Crosley Garage. I only can get the little truck to move in
neutral no other gear. Sounds strange but when I put the truck in a
gear it stalls, in nuetral the truck will go foward, Any suggestions?
Again Good to be home. Ron Wright

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