For Sale - needs work

"deeyugee" <deeyugee@...>

Hi there. I've got a Crosley (I think it's Super Sport) that I'd
like to sell. Sadly, I don't have a lot of information about it
right now. Here are the details :
It was my grandfather's. He had given it to my mother. He had it
sitting in his garage/driveway for a long time. As far as I know, he
did rebuild the engine (he was a mechanic), but that was a long time
ago so I can't vouch for that exactly.
I haven't seen the car in about 10 years, but it's been in my
father's garge for about that long. The body is not in the great
shape as I remember, but not terrible either.

I'd love to rebuild it myself, but I simply haven't got the time or
money to do so. For someone who knows a lot about Crosleys and would
like to rebuild it, I think it's a good opportunity. At the very
least, it could be used for parts.

At this time, I do not have any pictures. I'm in North Carolina
and the car is in New York on Long Island. I'm going to be up there
next week and so will try to get some pictures posted to give any
interested parties a chance to look at it.
Sorry I don't have more information on the car. Like I said, I
havne't seen it in a long time. I'll try to gather more information
on it and post here as soon as possible.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.


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