Re: Calling all water pump afficianados

Richard Williams <rwms_2002@...>

When rebuilding any water pump, Crosley the kit comes with a new shaft and should be used. I have rebuilt 2 different water pumps, 1 6bolt and 1 4bolt. I did these as Butch's paper that came with the kit stated and have had good luck with both.


On Wednesday, June 17, 2015 6:14 AM, "apdrake@... [Crosley_Gang]" wrote:

I picked up a tube of boat grease and will give it a squirt and see what happens. When I rebuilt the pump, I noticed the old shaft was unbelievably wobbly and I'm not sure how this thing never leaked. Maybe that's why it was in my parts bucket!?!

In any case, thanks to everyone for their help.

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