Calling all water pump afficianados


Hi all!

I'm in the process of getting our '49 sedan sorted for Wauseon. This is one that was sitting for a long time in the previous owner's garage and the four bolt water pump had frozen up. I went ahead and ordered a rebuild kit from Dave Edwards (thanks, Dave!) and used it as an excuse to also purchase a new shop press to push the bearing in and out. 

My question is this: after reassembling everything, how difficult should the impeller shaft be to turn? I've been following the manual to the T, but it seems once you get the packing nut cranked down, the thing seems stiff to turn. It will turn, but there's some resistance to it. I used the packing that came with Dave Edward's kit, plus some graphite faucet packing from the hardware store in order to give it a good (?) seal and some leeway to crank it down should it want to weep a bit. 

Also, what's the recommended water pump grease? I was thinking waterproof marine grease, but I'm open to suggestions. 


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