Re: Photo Policy

"Jim_Bollman" <Jim@...>


I don't see you as a member of the new Crosley Group. I know you were a member of the old club but it is still stuck in YaHell, going into its 3 week and no sign that it will ever come out.

I have for now, left the posting of messages wide open on the new group, an option we didn't have on the old club, but you have to join to post pictures. If I just missed your membership on the list I'll have to look into what your problem is. At least 2 members have posted pictures so far.

As long as we don't get spam or inappropriate messages I'll leave it open so non members can post. We may get more ads for Crosley parts. If we get flooded with messages that don't belong I'll shut off the non member posting.


"iamrustless" <bethalk@h...> wrote:

I tried to post pics, but can't figure out how to get them
into the Super Sports folder. Regards, Hal

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