Re: Photos on Yahoo! Groups / Ebay

"Crosley_AZ" <crosley_az@...>

FWIW.......I do not think this site should be used for the ebay
auction site photo posting. 1 or 2 photos at most of a workable size
at most if such useage is allowed.

Links to photos on yahoo/geocities did not work in the past, has that

This is how computer newbies learn though. been there myself.


--- In Crosley_Gang@y..., Jim Bollman <Jim@B...> wrote:

There are other photo sites that you can use for eBay auctions. My
opinion is that our site should not be used for eBay auction
pictures. I seem to remember Yahoo not allowing it but I couldn't
find the rule. Currently I believe I have photo viewing open to
anyone, this can change if necessary.

Anyone else have an opinion on using club space for eBay auction

In the mean time please compress your photos more and reduce the
total number of shots of the same vehicle to maybe 6 or so please.


I am having difficulty uploading photos to Ebay. I have an option
choose another URL to link the photos.

My question: Is the "Photo" link on the Crosley_Gang group for just
members, or can anyone view them? If you don't need to be a
member, I
would like to link my truck auction to a folder with my photos in
Is this proper?


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