Vapor lock in a 47CC

"cosmicray48236" <sgreiner@...>

I am finally getting a chance to put some miles on the 47. I have
encountered the following problem. If the car is warmed up and run for
a while and then parked for a while and then driven again the
following happens. The car starts fine but has a total lack of power
and will not accelerate. The engine seems to be starving for fuel. If
you stop with the engine running the problem clears up after a few
minutes and it then runs OK. The tank and fuel lines are new. The
carb, filter and pump have been overhauled. When I got the car the
fuel line was run over the top of the engine and attached with a
bracket to front valve cover stud for support. I installed the new
line in the same position. If the engine is not stopped the problem
does not seem to occur. I believe that this is vapor lock but I have
never encountered it before. I would appreciate any suggestions as to
what this is and how to solve it. Thanks Skip

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