Re: New Club

Jim Bollman <Jim@...>

Can you give me an example of a group without the ads? I belong to 20 groups and spot checked more than half of them and all had ads. I have nothing in my configuration that I can find to reduce or remove the ad presents. The Club boards, before they were switched to Groups, didn't have many ads, maybe that is what your remembering.

By the way I'm not making any changes to a paid Group right away if ever. I started looking into alternative sites when YaHoo lost our original club in conversion. All the free ones I have found were either limited in what they offered or had many of the same problems as YaHoo. If I go forward it will be with plenty of notice and some trial runs to see if that is the direction we want to go.


What I find strange is that the other
"car and shop" Yahoo groups I belong to don't have the same
format as this new Crosley Club, they don't have the ads.

Don Tiana
Topanga Cyn. CA.

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