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Jim Bollman <Jim@...>


If you don't find one on this list Dave Edwards or Service Motors will have them. If it is just the small spring clips that hold the bearing in place, they are available also from I believe both of them. Their addresses and Phone numbers can be got off the clubs vendor page.

Since you are from North West Ohio don't forget the Crosley National Show in your back yard, July 12th-13th at the Fairgrounds in Wauseon Ohio.


hi, we have an engine of yours but the throw-out bearing fork is
broken and we need a new one but we cant find one any where.if you
have any way to find one or any information that could help us out
please contact me by e-mail: consolidated_box@... , or call
me at:(419)841-8808, ur help will be greatly appreciated.
A.J. Koprowski

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