Re: headliners

Fitzsimmons Judi <no_haggle@...>

--- Jim Bollman <Jim@...> wrote:
Sounds like a fair price. Are you happy with the
quality and how it
matches the original? I have no idea what the "two
V shaped boxes
with sides" are used for. How large are these V
shaped boxes?

you have heard that when something sounds to good to
be true, it probably isn't. such is the case on the
headliner kit. I rechecked my notes and saw that I was
in error the actual cost was $225 not $125. Sorry.
The quality by what I know is very good.I have a
problem in that the front half of the headliner had
the side panels sewn on in reverse but, they will
correct that for me at their expense. They are good
people to deal with.

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