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I can't be much help on what to do with it, I like all Crosley stock,
street rod and in between. I can tell you a few facts to help you
make up your mind. Lots more than 400 made. I list over 3100 trucks
in 46 and 47. Some of that number is early slab side and probably a
few Sedan Delivers but neither of those started production till
November. I can not get you an exact number but 2000+ would be a
closer guess.

If you want to go stock or near stock most any of the standard models
can act as a donor vehicle. If you pick a late model you get
hydraulic brakes. You have to add some supports for the bed on the
frame if it is a sedan or wagon frame. A poor condition parts car
would be fairly cheap to get.

If you really have the need for speed, but can't bring yourself to
start cutting or the ability (highly modified cars take some talent
and money) you might go for hopped up near stock. Stock engines can
be built up to nearly double stock HP without getting to radical.
Homelite and Bearcat boat engines that were based on the Crosley
design can be converted to car use and look stock to many people and
get you 55hp without any extra hopping. I drove a 49 wagon with a
Homelite, it is amazing what double the HP does. The soup up approach
requires only bolt on mods and if you later want to convert to stock
it is pretty easy. Some even change to a 4 speed and a narrowed
Austin or other rear end. The next step up is put a larger 4cyl of
another make. How much you have to modify depends on the engine you pick.

Since you have just the body you could just drop it on a different
chassis. The earlier Jeep CJs have around a 81" wheel base pretty
close match but you will either have to cut a lot on the fenders or
jack the body up. All kinds of engine swap articles on the CJ.

To go more radical is beyond my abilities but several members in the
club can probably advise.


--- In Crosley_Gang@y..., "threeneely" <3neely@m...> wrote:
what do i have? how rare is it? i remeber seeing an article
saying that there were less than 400 or so left in existence.
is this true? any and all information would be most appreciated.

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